Personenschutz BSR-Service

Property protection

BSR monitors your private or commercial rooms, buildings, factorys, shopping malls, airports, armysites, vehicles, construction sites and open spaces. We offer you total protection and security of the objects of any size and location. And it is during 24 hours, 7 days a week. We protect relevant objects from damage and trespass. Our security experts analyze all the facts and develop in each particular case an individual solution.

We are always happy to arrange an appointment with you.


– Security of business event locations and hotels
– Receipt staff / admittance control
– Route planning (arrival and departure of your guests by bus, train, ship, plane or car)
Transfer between airport / railway station or hotel and venue
– Picking up of one or several guests within the scope of our VIP-program
– Securing as a part of our personal protection program

Our property protection service is available in KarlsruheFrankfurt am MainMannheim, Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Freiburg and Offenburg. If necessary, we will help you with our service nationwide.