Sicherheitsdienst BSR-Service

Security service

We are a certified security service and driver service with engaged and motivated working professionals at your disposal. Our most important task is to fulfill your expectations using our know- how, experience and equipment. Your safety and comfort are our highest priority!

We understand security as personal security (protection) and safety (for example, operational safety). Considering this, we offer you our services, competence and experience. In addition to the classical security services such as personal protection, property protection, VIP support and concepts for alarm systems, we also offer you courier’s and chauffeur’s services.

We are also proud of our well-trained dog team, which can be the best helper at events and other occasions.

Do not hesitate to ask us any question you have. We work discreetly and professionally. Your decision to cooperate with us is the decision in favor of high professionalism competence and performance!

Our service is available in KarlsruheFrankfurt am MainMannheim, Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Freiburg and Offenburg. If necessary, we will help you with our service nationwide.